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            The objective of the pool is to create a 10 man roster. A 10 man roster with 1 guy from every weight. NO OPEN WEIGHT CLASSES. Each wrestler cost a different amount of points based on their seed in the National Tournament. Each seed will be allotted a set amount of points. Those points are listed here:


1st - 196 points

2nd - 148 points

3rd - 139 points

4th - 129 points

5th - 117 points

6th - 107 points

7th - 93 points

8th - 87 points

9th - 78 points

10th - 71 points

11th - 59 points

12th - 45 points

13th- 38 points

14th- 31 points

15th- 24 points

16th- 17 points


Not Seeded- 5 points


Each team has a salary cap of 1000 points. Just because a wrestler is chosen, does not mean another team can't have them either. Multiple teams can have Cory Clark or Thomas Gilman, etc. If there are teams that have the same exact lineup, the team submitted first will be the team able to keep the lineup, the other guy will have to adjust his lineup to not make it the same.


Brackets and Seeds can be found at

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