Looking to add on to Fantasy Wrestling this year.  If we have enough interest, we are looking to do a Live Auction Draft the Saturday before the NCAA Tournament.  This will be all online, you do not have to be present at the Draft Party to participate.  We will be live streaming the Auction.  Participants not able to attend the Draft Party will be able to view, submit bids, and participate using an online program.  You must have an internet connection to participate as all bidding will be online. 
*If interested in participating or have questions, submit an email below with Fantasy Draft as the subject*
1st Place will receive $1500
2nd Place will receive $500
$100 will be given to the team leading at the end of Rounds 1-5
Plaques will be given out to the top 3 teams.
- 33 Teams, $100/team (Teams can be made up of 1 or more people.  If you and 3 other people want to join and be 1 team that is fine)
- Each team will be given 1000 pts to spend
- All scoring for each wrestler will be live and equal to the amount of team points they score at the NCAA Tournament. (See scoring tab above for questions)
- Each seeded wrestler will be auctioned off individually.
- You will have 30 seconds to submit a bid (It will be a blind bid, you will not see others bid until after the 30 seconds is up)
- Team with the highest bid is declared the winner
- The #1 seed at the weight will be auctioned off first.  After the bidding is closed and a winner is declared, we will continue on to the #2, #3, #4, etc. seeded wrestler in that weight class
- Starting weight class will be drawn randomly prior to Auction
- If your team does not win a bid in that weight class, the final 17 unseeded wrestlers in that weight class will be randomly assigned to the teams that have a vacant weight class.
- After each team is assigned a wrestler, we will move on to the next continuing weight class.
- Each unseeded wrestler will cost 10 pts.  The highest bid a team can submit is 910 for one wrestler.
- If the highest bid is equal, those teams with the equal bid will be put into a rebid process.  You must bid greater or equal to what the initial bid was.
- If your team wins a bid and does not have that many points available, the bid will be eliminated.
- As the auction goes on, each will be able to track their team and their available points.