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Champion- Team RamRod (Brad Lupkes)

Runner Up- Moe's Tavern (Keith Van Beek)


Champion- Eben's Wife (Amanda Eben)

Runner Up- Team Mink (Tom Meester &Chism Fink)

Champion- Pokes (Chism Fink)

Runner Up- Vision Quest (Andrew Lundgren)

Champion- Hawkeye Hater 2 (Brady Nolz)

Runner Up- Team Cheeseburger (Riley Soukup)

Champion- Rec Hall Rat (Mike Roseberry)
Runner Up- Self-Cradlers (Ben Seamen)


To see full results, click on the year of the tournament

Champion- Team Frank (Tyler Cuka)
Runner Up- Mongoose (Tim Laleman)


Champion- SCstunners (Mitch Lupkes)
Runner Up- Get Jacked (Riley Soukup)

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