Scoring for the wrestlers will be similar to the NCAA scoring.


2.3. Scoring

 Scoring for each wrestler is based on the official NCAA wrestling tournament team scoring rules.

Placement Points - wrestlers earn placement points for finishing in 1st through 8th place

1. 1st place: 16 points

2. 2nd place: 12 points

3. 3rd place: 10 points

4. 4th place: 9 points

5. 5th place: 7 points

6. 6th place: 6 points

7. 7th place: 4 points

8. 8th place: 3 points


2.3.3. Advancement Points - wrestlers earn advancement points if they win.

Each advancement in the championship bracket is worth 1 point.

Each advancement in the consolation bracket is worth .5 points

If a wrestler has a bye and wins his very next match, he will earn an advancement point for the bye.

If a wrestler has a bye and loses his very next match, he will not earn any advancement point(s).

Each wrestler who is not in a pigtail match in either the championship or consolation bracket is considered to have received a bye since they didn't wrestle a pigtail match. If those wrestler go on to win their first match, they will receive 2 advancement points due to the bye.

If the losing wrestler in the championship bracket pigtail match wins his wrestleback match, he will earn an additional .5 advancement points due to a bye. This bye is not shown on the NCAA brackets due to space constraints.



Tie Breaker Scenario: If at the end of the tournament, two or more teams end up in a tie, 1st place will be awarded to the team with the most individual champions. If no team is awarded then we will go to individual All-Americans, then we will go with the team that used the lowest salary cap, if a champion is not crowned we will have a potato sack race on consecutive Sundays until a champion is crowned